The Devil is in the Detail

There is often a suspicion that budgets get in the way of a fine end result – Stairs for example are often so uncomfortable2014 Venice Biennale – why?  These models from the Venice Biennale (2014) illustrate ‘Riser to Tread ratio’ brilliantly and illustrate how ‘comfort’ can be ensured. 









New Town Edinburgh

The historically environment in the Edinburgh Old Town illustrates how the gradient presents an opportunity for adventurous entrance stairs and adds enormously to the street scene.








Almeria 5Atmospherics amelioration, provided by moving water.  These fountains in Almeria (southern Spain) provide sound masking, cooling and dust suppression.  This is the route of the main coastal route (N340), passing the port entrance on the old ‘Rambla’ how a city centre Botanical garden.  The moving water provides a practical function whilst being an enjoyable diversion for both pedestrians & motorists.







Bilboa 2011Always hope for the unexpected within a contemporary urban environment.  OK, scale is a factor for the Guggenheim in Bilbao 2011, but the surprising form and beautiful contrast is engaging.

















NY Highline

The New York High Line is a great opportunity to see the city from an elevated vantage point, ideal if you do not want to be involved in the street life below.  Although the original (1988)  Paris Promenade Plantée at 4klm’s is longer and very much more a joyful  human experience.








OlivettiNo post is complete without some concrete (& Bronze).  This 1950,s fountain in the Olivetti showroom in Venice was a treat, the shop details, steps, floor and wall  materials, even the weight of the door in relation to the width of the door handle have all been designed with the utmost care and understanding.

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