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SUDS ponds put to good use and increased Landscape effect.  A lovely Art Collection in fantastic grounds

2014 saw the Clark Art Institute open their new gallery designed by Tadao Ando Practice, a lovely gallery in a super parkland setting with SUDS ponds (x3) put to good use.  The implementation by Genster has ensured that the quality is there to see  A visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for additional  exterior inspiration would not be wasted time.  The Landscape Exhibition at the Clarke is/was great and very thought provoking, it might prove useful to know that a chain is 20.1m (66.0ft)  a lovely thoughtful exhibition.


There might be a theme forming.  With the help of the Historic New England staff ( Mr Brown) at the Walter Gropius house  (1938) we had a great day being shown the house and grounds.  This area of Boston ‘Lincoln’ has a small selection of ‘modernist’ houses of which only the Gropius house is available for visiting. I understand that Mr Gropius spent considerable time choosing the final position of the house within the landscape and it really shows.  Modern  Bauhaus design atop a grassy mound in this part of the USA, who would have thought!!! 


Dune Restoration at Cape Cod a very detailed piece of work

This dune restoration on Cape Cod could not fail to be admired.  The sand has been sculpted into very natural forms, although to facilitate the enlargement of a car park the planting and sculpturing appeared to be very sympathetic.  


I will confess to an interest (maybe obsession) with American concrete.  These newly installed ‘Rain Gardens’ in the City of Pittsfield, Massachusetts are part of a larger Streetscape Improvement Project which is seeing this City address it’s Post Industrial issues head on.  During our short visit we were really impressed with the evidence of their community strength.  


MOCA, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.  Another sign of meaningful regeneration, put me in mind of the  Duisburg-Nord – Blast Furnace Park – Landschaftspark.  The similar industrial materials and spaces on show for a generation that will never see heavy manufacturing industry.  An industry that required skilled manual labour, that produced in the operators,  a huge sense of pride, shared purpose, strength, family, brotherhood and satisfaction.  If these feeling were shared by the owners and traders history fails to relate.

















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