Fountains Caserta, Italy The largest manmade cascade in the world which is part of a vista terminating 3Klm from the rear elevation of the palace. 2Klm’s of the vista is the cascade, canals and intermediate fountains. There can be little doubt that the combination of the dense planting in partnership with the moving water produces its own microclimate and isolated environment within a busy urban setting.         […]

The Devil is in the Detail

There is often a suspicion that budgets get in the way of a fine end result – Stairs for example are often so uncomfortable – why?  These models from the Venice Biennale (2014) illustrate ‘Riser to Tread ratio’ brilliantly and illustrate how ‘comfort’ can be ensured.                  The historically environment in the Edinburgh Old Town illustrates how the gradient presents an opportunity for adventurous entrance stairs and adds enormously to […]

Landscape Design in 1960’s Lisbon

The Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon is a beautiful example of the symbiosis of classical modernists architecture within  the landscape of an urban park setting.  The routes throughout the surrounding park highlight the light and shade, hard and soft, liquid and dry within the planted framework of the building. The surrounding area , once a zoological park, provide a  brilliant contrast to the modern (1960’s) concrete of the foundation buildings and gallery.             The route […]

Landscape Tour 2016


Expo 2015. Always something for the Landscape Architect

  Detail,  quality and materials really good and of course blue skies always help.  Exterior Air Conditioning not quite up to the Seville Expo of 1992. Is this ‘Fusion’ landscape?  

Polzeath Slate Formation – Colour in the Landscape

The 2015 New Year starting with the inspirational Venice Biennale

Hello from HLDA

Recent planting scheme completed that includes new planting for Box sculpture – Still waiting for the sun to come out for photographs See new advertisement in Historic House Association Magazine and THANK YOU to passed clients for permission to use photographs

Spring 2014

Latest Planting project with box Sculpture Completed, photographs to follow when the sun Shines. New Advertisement appearing in the Historic House Association Magazine and THANK YOU to past clients who gave their permission for the use of photographs.